Pixel Soldiers: The Great War Updated With Sandbox and New Units

Pixel Soldiers: The Great War has just been updated with a sandbox mode and more! (see below) Download the update HERE.

New to sandbox: Winchester! First seen in the Gettysburg Grand Campaign, the second battle of Winchester was a three day battle on a huge battlefield covered in forts and defensive terrain. The attacker will either need to be very cunning or the defending player should be handicapped for this one!

New units have been added, unit sprites updated and a new unit type: assault infantry, is available in sandbox and later scenarios in the campaign. Assault infantry are armed with submachine guns and melee weapons, making them powerful at attacking and charging enemy trenches. Like tanks, assault infantry may still attack even if they land on a barbed wire square during their turn. However, they have a limited range so you will need to keep them supported.

New countries have also been added. Italian and U.S. troops are available in sandbox mode (thanks to William for this request!). The U.S. troops have assault infantry that are modeled on the Harlem Hellfighters.

Most of the campaign scenarios have been tweaked and new units added to them (including Romanian veteran infantry).

Unit stats have been modified. For example Russians have a bonus in close combat, but are lacking when it comes to shooting.

I wanted to clarify trench defence in the tutorial. It now tells you that trench squares add 8% defence per trench level. If a trench is maxed out to level 6, the defence is 48%.

I hope you enjoy the update!

The Great War Sandbox

Happy 2017 everyone! Hope you all had a great time doing whatever it was you were doing. I’ll soon be updating Pixel Soldiers: The Great War with a sandbox mode. Before I do, I’d like to ask you for help in choosing the maps to be added to sandbox. Which map in this game or a previous Pixel Soldiers game would you like to see added to sandbox? Let me know!

TGW Sandbox


Pixel Soldiers: Gettysburg receives review on IGN Italia

Pixel Soldiers is on IGN! Huge thanks to Piermarco Rosa for reviewing the game and thank you all for your support. Here’s the link to the review HERE. Hope you all had a great Christmas!


Pixel Soldiers: Bull Run and Gettysburg Updated!

Bull Run and Gettysburg games updated to the latest engine from Pixel Soldiers: The Great War. I’ll take a look at Waterloo in the new year. Have a great Christmas everyone!


Links to Google Play

Pixel Soldiers: Gettysburg

Pixel Soldiers: Bull Run


Pixel Soldiers: The Great War Trailer

Pixel Soldiers: The Great War has a promo video!


Pixel Soldiers: The Great War Available Now!

Pixel Soldiers: The Great War is available to download on the Google Play Store HERE. I hope you all like the new game. Let me know what you think!





Pixel Soldiers: The Great War Menu

Hello everyone! The next Pixel Soldiers game will be ready soon. Here’s the main menu:


The sandbox button is grayed out because it needs a little more work, but that won’t take long. Sorry sandbox fans, but there’s plenty of new stuff to try out in the campaign while you wait.

What do you guys think of the main menu background? Love to hear your thoughts.

The game could be released tonight unless I find any bugs during my final tests. I’ll let you know when it’s on the Google Play Store.




Gettysburg Version 1.11 Update

A quick, but important update for Pixel Soldiers: Gettysburg is now available on the Google Play Store.

*Fixed a bug with ‘Historical Battle’ loading and saving. Thanks to Chris for spotting it and letting me know!

Scenarios of the WW1 Pixel Soldiers game 

Check out the forum to suggest the kind of scenarios you would like to see in the next game! 

Gettysburg 1.1 Update With New Campaign Is Available Now! 

Pixel Soldiers Gettysburg 1.1 is now available on Google Play with the following features:


*New Campaign available for purchase. ‘Grand Campaign’ is available as an in-app purchase for those wanting huge battles. New Scenarios are: Winchester, Brandy Station, Gettysburg Days 1-3

*Day and night turns in some of the new scenarios

*Visibility at night is restricted to only the squares adjacent to a unit.

*25% chance of disorder if a unit moves at night + (see TUTORIAL section in the in-game menu for more info)

*Veteran Cavalry units added

*Forts added to game

*Extra victory locations and conditions: Each Scenario now has its own victory conditions. This could mean capturing new diamond shaped secondary locations. You will be told at the start of your turn what you need to do to win.

*Continue most recent game button added to main menu

*Ai improvements

*Many optimizations and fixes

*Load times and performance dramatically improved

*GUI improvements

Special thanks to the beta testers for your help with this update. And thank you to everyone for following and supporting the Pixel Soldiers games.