Pixel Soldiers Christmas Sale!

All Pixel Soldiers games are on sale this Christmas! Every game is receiving big reductions, so If you wanted to give any of the games a try, now is the time! The sale begins now! Click here to get the games. Merry Christmas, Generals! Some big plans are being laid for new games and updates next year, so I hope I’ll see you then! Thank you and happy holidays, Kris

Pixel Soldiers Great War Beta Update: Deployment

The Deploy Your Forces Update is rolling out now! Ever wanted to decide the starting positions for your soldiers? Well now you can! In Grasslands Small sandbox map you can experiment with this new feature. If all goes well, the other sandbox maps will receive this change, and possibly future campaign scenarios! Let me know what you think about it! LINK 1.1 Beta 25 [The Deploy Your Forces Update] Change Log *Deployment mode available to Read more…

Great War Air Supremacy Update

The Pixel Soldiers Great War Air Supremacy Update will be coming to beta users shortly! Gaining supremacy of the skies is now important to keep those enemy bombers off your back. Try and gain supremacy by using your fighters to bring down the enemy air force! But be careful when managing the repairs and fuel stocks, or your planes will fall from the sky! Tally Ho, Air Commanders!

Pixel Soldiers: The Great War Aircraft Update

To all those who have the beta for Pixels Soldiers: The Great War, you can now check out the update for the new aircraft mechanics. There are still a few things that need to be done, but you should be able to get a good idea of what the new gameplay will be like. Aircraft Update changes the following rules… -Aircraft now transition between different states in this order: on airfield > [option to enter Read more…

Pixel Soldiers: The Great War Leaders Beta Update

Expect an update today for Pixel Soldiers: The Great War! This game is still in closed beta so this update is only available to beta testers, but I’m still accepting new beta testers if you would like to give the new features a try. Just send an email to jollypixelgames@gmail.com with the account you used to purchase the game and I’ll send you an opt in link. Now, on with the latest developments! Here are Read more…

New update rolling out for Pixel Soldiers: The Great War beta users

1.1 Beta 5 Change Log *Experimental: Using numbers instead of words to describe unit stats *Bulgarians, Serbians and Cossacks *Gallipoli sandbox (playable but this map may need more work) *Planes can enter from the bottom left or bottom right corner depending on which side you are *Unlimited points option added to sandbox *AI can now use planes *Zeppelins *Tutorials now work *Freeze bug fixed *Bomber flight sounds *Changes to aircraft selection UI *Planes are now Read more…

Battles in the Balkans

Serbian and Bulgarian Infantry, along with the feared cossacks, will be arriving soon in the next Pixel Soldiers: The Great War beta update! Thank you for the feedback received on the beta so far. Because of this there will also be a bunch of bug fixes with this update. Check out the Beta forum thread for more information.