Made some big changes to the current Pixel Soldiers: The Great War beta, most notably to the way leaders work. Check out the changes (beneath Field Marshal Haig) below! Click here to go straight to the Google Play page.

1.1 Beta 27 [Leaders Update] Full Change Log

*HQ units removed
*Leaders must be attached to a unit
*Attached leaders give bonus’s to that unit
*Multiple leaders per team
*Leaders can be moved between units
*Leaders are shown on horses when leader is present with a unit. Also, those unit’s flags go up and down when leader present

New Units
*British and Ottoman Gunboats added
*Armenian unit added
*Modified Russian infantry sprites because they appeared too similar

*Deployment zones in all sandbox maps
*Deployment glitch fixed
*After deploying a unit – unit is unselected
*Tap the selected unit to unselect units during deployment
*Enemy troops are hidden during deployment phase
*Can no longer end turn during deployment
*Tap deployment label to hide label to add more screen space during deployment phase

*Changes to fling and zooming (let me know how you get on)
*More snappy centring cam
*Double tap unit to center

*AI code base overhauled

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