An update for Pixel Soldiers: The Great War, with a whole bunch of changes, is available on the Google Play Store! Special thanks to Tecumseh on the forum, and Emilio for their suggestions. See below for a list of changes.

1.02 Change Log
*Hold Order added: The hold order commands the unit to hold its current position until the next turn. The unit can still be given orders if you change your mind. After giving a hold order, the next unmoved unit will be selected.
*Fast forward AI turns: Tap the screen to fast forward AI turns. Tap again to return to normal speed.
*Gallipoli and Verdun unit placement and reinforcements redesigned
*Tweaks and minor fixes to other scenarios
*Indians and Gurkhas available in sandbox and Gallipoli
*Troopship landings unselecting units issue fixed
*AI will no longer charge from a good position to a bad one
*AI logic more quicker and efficient
*Terrain defence text in the top left now takes trench defence into account
*Sound tweaks
*Minor graphic tweaks
*Briefings updated

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