Hope you are all having a great and groovy new year so far!

Recently I’ve mainly been rebuilding the engine. Some of you might know that I’m not using a third-party game engine. I’ve built the engine myself, crafted especially for the Pixel Soldiers games! The rebuild will mean I should be able to release updates, new features and games faster than before. While the rebuild is in progress I hope to still make some releases.

Coming up next: an update for Pixel Soldiers: The Great War. Here’s what to expect…

  • New campaign
  • Explosion effects, improved gunfire graphics and other graphics improvements
  • More difficulty options
  • Aircraft
  • More units
  • Improved UI
  • The new leadership points system, originally from the Saratoga game

Some of these updates will be filtered down to older games.

The new campaign for the Great War game will probably focus on battles that took place during 1914. If you have any ideas for battles or changes, please keep letting me know.

A lot of you have asked about a Second World War game which I have been putting a lot of thought into and will probably happen in the near future.


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