Bull Run Updated to Version 1.02

Bull Run has just been updated and is now available to download in the Google Play Store. Version 1.02 Changes *A significant update which brings all the updates made in Pixel Soldiers: Gettysburg v1.0 to v1.04 *Bayonet Charge (Please check the tutorial from the in-game menu to find out more) *Sandbox mode, including all the sandbox maps available in Gettysburg *Attacked while in disorder or recovering is less punishing *Sharpshooters and Colored troops *Combat resolution Read more…

Sandbox River Map Design

Hello everyone! I want to try something a bit different for the design of the next map that will be added to sandbox mode in Pixel Soldiers: Gettysburg. The picture below shows how it looks right now, and is incomplete for a reason. I want to finish the map based on ideas and suggestions from you guys. I’ve not set my heart on the design of this map, so feel free to let me know how you would like it to look.River (more…)