Pixel Soldiers Gettysburg 1.1 is now available on Google Play with the following features:


*New Campaign available for purchase. ‘Grand Campaign’ is available as an in-app purchase for those wanting huge battles. New Scenarios are: Winchester, Brandy Station, Gettysburg Days 1-3

*Day and night turns in some of the new scenarios

*Visibility at night is restricted to only the squares adjacent to a unit.

*25% chance of disorder if a unit moves at night + (see TUTORIAL section in the in-game menu for more info)

*Veteran Cavalry units added

*Forts added to game

*Extra victory locations and conditions: Each Scenario now has its own victory conditions. This could mean capturing new diamond shaped secondary locations. You will be told at the start of your turn what you need to do to win.

*Continue most recent game button added to main menu

*Ai improvements

*Many optimizations and fixes

*Load times and performance dramatically improved

*GUI improvements

Special thanks to the beta testers for your help with this update. And thank you to everyone for following and supporting the Pixel Soldiers games.

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