Hello everyone! I’m looking for anyone interested in testing out Gettysburg 1.1 beta, which includes the new campaign.


A new version of Pixel Soldiers: Gettysburg will soon be available to try! The new campaign is an in app purchase which will include 5 large scale scenarios. This is the first time I’ve used in app purchasing (or beta testing!) so that’s why I’m looking for guinea pigs ;-). Of course if something goes wrong with it or you want your money back then I’ll be happy to give you a refund, so hang on to those order numbers just in case! This will be a closed beta so send an email to jollypixelgames@gmail.com if you are interested. Of course, if you want to try the Gettysburg 1.1 update, but don’t want to buy the new campaign then you’re also very welcome to try the beta.

To clarify, you should only be asked to pay for the new campaign once. If you buy the new campaign in the beta, you should not be asked to buy the campaign again in the release version. If anything goes wrong with that, please let me know.

I’ve set up a post in the new forum to collect feedback here: http://forum.jollypixel.com/index.php?topic=5.0

Beta requests to: jollypixelgames@gmail.com

When the beta is ready (should be within a few days) I will send you a link to opt in for beta testing.

Thanks and have a great day,


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jeff carter · November 13, 2016 at 1:58 pm

Ready for battle Sir!

Cant wait to get my hands on your latest update.

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