Pixel Soldiers: Waterloo has just been updated to version 1.3! What does this mean? Well, the Waterloo game has been out of sync with the Pixel Soldiers engine for a while now (a year in fact!) so you’ll be seeing a whole bunch of updated stuff!

1.3 Change Log
*Engine updated from Pixel Soldiers: The Great War 1.02
*Bayonet Charge (Please check the charge tutorial from the in-game menu to find out more). TIP: Cavalry are normally better off firing at infantry (unless they are disordered), but charging artillery.
*Sandbox mode added
*All sandbox maps from previous Pixel Soldiers games have been updated for this game. (With the exception of Mathias Point for now)
*Hold Order added: The hold order commands the unit to hold its current position until the next turn. The unit can still be given orders if you change your mind. After giving a hold order, the next unmoved unit will be selected.
*Fast forward AI turns: Tap the screen to fast forward AI turns. Tap again to return to normal speed.
*If an infantry unit is reduced by casualties to a small number, they will be wiped out
*Continue most recent game button added to main menu
*Ai improvements
*Many optimizations and fixes
*Load times and performance dramatically improved
*GUI improvements
*Attacked while in disorder or recovering is less punishing
*Combat resolution slightly faster
*Fixed pop-ups from other apps rotating the display
*Music and sound effects toggles added to in-game menu
*Increased max zoom out distance
*Show message when AI is playing turn
*Ability to replay any completed map in campaign mode in the Historical Battles menu. Includes two player mode
*Difficulty options
*New icon
*Other improvements and bug fixes

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