Hello everyone! The fifth Pixel Soldiers game should be ready for release later this month. The setting will be the Saratoga campaign from the American War of Independence. This will be more than just a change of setting. This game will have some fundamental gameplay changes. Read on to find out more!

Leaders and Leadership Points
Each turn you will receive a number of Leadership Points (LP) to spend on your units. It represents your ability to control your army on the battlefield.

In the past, you could only recover units after they became disordered. Now you can only recover units when they are in good morale. So yeah, pretty much the opposite! However, you can only recover a unit if you have enough LP’s. Recovery happens immediately, so no more recovery state (green flashing flag). The amount recovered is more random and carries a risk of disorder.

Disorder and Routing
Recovery is for returning strength back to a unit. There are now steady and rally options for when a unit becomes disordered or routed. A unit that is routed will need to be rallied or they will keep running until they leave the field of battle. A unit in disorder will need to be given a steady order to return to good morale. Both of these orders require LP and use up the unit’s attack action.

Personally Leading a Unit
You can now attach yourself personally to a unit to give that unit a stat boost. They will fight better and have better morale until the start of your next turn. This order is quite expensive in LP as the general’s focus will be spent on a single unit on the battlefield. You can only apply this to one unit per turn, if that unit isn’t disordered.

Rush Order (“At the double quick…march!”)
Rushing a unit costs some LP and the unit must not be disordered. This order tells your unit to rush to a position on the battlefield. It adds 50% to their movement, but can cause that unit to become fatigued and lose cohesion (disorder).

I hope you like the sound of these changes. Keeping the game accessible is important to me, but I thought there was some room to add a bit more depth to the gameplay and create a few more choices. Let me know if you have any questions.




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