The biggest update so far! Check out the Google Play Store for the latest version of Pixel Soldiers Waterloo! The game will be rolling out in stages so don’t worry if you don’t see an update just yet.

*Increased artillery move but penalized them when crossing streams or forest
*Reactive AI that reacts to player decisions
*AI understands areas of importance on the battlefields
*Start menu includes info on the the types of troops fielded by selected country
*Many new units added for the Prussians and the Young Guard and Swiss Guard for the French
*Fixed scroll graphic glitch
*Impassable rivers included in some of the new maps
*Minus defence for units on bridges
*Only one “enemy spotted” speech bubble displayed at a time
*AI more resilient in holding on to the victory location if he holds it
*Improved artillery AI
*Battle victory screen redesigned
*File size trimmed down substantially
*Crash bug fixed
*Other bug fixes
*Other AI improvements
*Other UI enhancements
*Oh yes… the French and Prussian campaigns are included with 6 French scenarios and 4 Prussian

Have fun!

Any questions or comments? Leave them below or email me at

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Bill · August 23, 2015 at 4:58 am

Love the game so far but how long does it usually take for the store to put out the update?

    Kris · August 26, 2015 at 12:13 am

    Hi Bill,
    Sorry, but I’ve only just noticed your comment. There were one or two minor problems with the update so I put the roll out on hold while I got them fixed. I’ll be uploading the new update tonight. It should be available to download in few hours. Thanks for your comment!

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