Just wanted to let you all know that the second Pixel Soldiers game will be released next week (probably December 15). Find out what’s new in the game below…

Union attack from the sea.png

Some of the new content and enhancements made from Pixel Soldiers: Waterloo…

  • Two new campaigns (Union and Confederate) including historical battles from 1861
  • Play individual battles (once unlocked in campaign mode)
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Flanking bonuses
  • Sea battles with gunboats and troop ships
  • Skirmishers
  • New terrain to fight over including: mountains, farmsteads, orchards, wheat fields, fords
  • Improved UI
  • More intelligent AI
  • Animated graphics
  • More infantry and artillery types
  • Two player pass play (not online yet)
  • Three star system for wins and defeats (minor, major or decisive victories)
  • See the price of victory: your fallen soldiers will give battlefields a ghastly appearance

I hope you like the upgrades that I’ve made to the game, and will continue to support the project. As always, send me a comment if you have any questions, or any ideas for a future update.


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