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    Let me know what you think will make a great scenario for the upcoming 1914 campaign!


    The game is already super great, but as it is sometimes with great but yet small games: there is not enough of stuff. We definitely need more challenging campaign missions. And this is the case when more of the same with just some little improvements and small add-ons is what will make it better.
    But back to the topic: as a russian guy I must say there is not enough of eastern front missions. It would be interesting to have a couple tough massive missions for Russian Empire in the beginning of the war because Russia had to rapidly form a front without enough time (because France asked for help ASAP). Then it also would be nice to implement the Brusilov Offensive mission.
    And one more thing: please change the Russian Empire forces flag to the old black-yellow-white, there was no white-blue-red yet at that time.)

    Thank you for the great game!
    Michael Brovko.


    With the new campaign I do want to include as many fronts as possible, including the Russian front. For now I will be sticking to 1914 battles.

    The white, blue and red flag was used before the Russian Revolution (and during the civil war for the Tsarist forces). At least that’s what I found during my research!

    Russian man

    Well, about flag – Михаил, right about this thing. The white, blue and red flag was used afther February Revolution and in some units of general Kornilov Volunteer army, with adding skull and two crossed bones on it (yeah, like pirate do) and after creating AFSR (Souht whites). So, it`s better to change flag on the most missions with Russian army.

    But, if you intresting, Kris, the one major offensive was engage by new Russian government in 1917. That was June offensive. It’s was tottaly failde. And give only massacre and trobules for Russia. And, if and when, you will create this battle you must add a special unit – shock troop. The most fantastic solders and officers was members in them. They was not big at all, but very good in fight in close combat and got very fanatic morale. This just note.

    So, if you need help with Russia in WWI or Civil War in Russia, you are welcome.


    Thanks! The Russian Revolution is something I might take a look at. Its something I don’t know very much about.

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