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    I’ll try and send out a new beta update this week. There will be quite a few changes to the way leaders work in it.


    Yes, the Internet can indeed bring out the worst in people at times. I suppose computers and phones can make people feel separated from whoever they are trolling/griefing etc.

    Russian man

    And i`m back. Well, hi Kris.

    I think a lot about leader system and ive got one idea. Its about to give HQ unit a special ability, that player will choose for a whole campaign(only one). Like one more LP, or more firepower for units in HQ range, or a special reconnaissance balloon that could mark enemy units for artillery and that artillery will inflict more damage to marked unit. And others abilities, like:

    – HQ unit will be replaced by HQ armored car.

    – leader of some unit type(tanks, infantry, cavalry, etc) and this units type will gain +1 for all stats, but anoter unit will have – 0,5 for all stats.

    – Art of defense – trenches more effective and for 1 LP HQ unit can order another unit create/upgrade trenche on 2 levels (was nothing now trenches of second level or was 3rd, now 5th level)

    And ssomething like that.

    Sorry for not good English, wasn’t practic so many time. Well, good luck, Kris. Hope, this will help you.


    Love your ideas thank you! I think giving HQ units unique abilities will make them more interesting.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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