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    Hi. I'm a player from China. I've played all your games from waterloo to the great war. I think that your games are great, but when i arrived in USA, i discovered that your games weren't supposed to be free. I'm just telling you this because i dont think you're getting credit for your work. Though there's alot of downloads in China. So your game is still pretty popular. I'm a big history buff on WWII history and Vietnam. So i hope that you can make one if those games. I know its probably hard to portray the air support of the game, but you can just call an airstrike on an area and have cut scenes of planes flying over, and as for Vietnam, the Helicopter can be used as landing crafts. But it would be cool if you could figure out a way to use planes in your game.


    I think this game is to the ancient times to the nineteenth Century war, World War II is not suitable, in addition to Waterloo 1.5 level Orchard Villa sandbox BUG, followed by the Prussian victory, victory statistics interface flag and the name of the country will become the UK, hoping to correct


    Thanks for telling me the game is free in China. Unfortunately I don't have much control of the game in China because Google Play is not officially supported there. I would like to take a look at modern warfare, but I agree that there need to be changes. Air power is something I need to work out.

    Thanks voful for the bug report! I wasn't aware of that one.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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