Hello everyone! A new update to Pixel Soldiers Gettysburg is out now in the Google Play Store! Click on the image below or here to be redirected to the Google Play page.

The main changes are listed below…

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1.02 Change Log

*Change Log on start up when updates are made

*Fixed pop-ups from other apps rotating the display

*Retreat bug fixed

*Big performance boost

*Rebalancing several maps in regards to difficulty

*Music and sound effects toggles added to in-game menu

*AI improvements

*Increased max zoom out distance

*Sandbox: UI improvements

*Sandbox: Points balancing for some units

*Sandbox: Added multiple pages for unit selection

*Sandbox: Larger armies (units limits are dependent on which map you are using)

*Sandbox: More points options

*Sandbox: More handicap options

*Sandbox: Army randomisation improved

*Sandbox: Mathias Point map improved with an extra shore line

*Sandbox: New ‘Middle Bridge’ Map added – ideas for changes to the map are welcome – thanks to Jeffrey for suggestions so far


1.01 Change Log

*Crash bug in Sandbox fixed

*Optimizations (should run faster and more efficiently)

*Removed unused assets




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