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    Current beta engine: PSE v5.5 b4

    This thread is for the beta updates for Pixel Soldiers: The Great War.

    Post your feedback here or send me a direct message!

    To join the beta, send an email to jollypixelgames@gmail.com with the account you used to purchase the game. I will then send you an opt-in link.

    Does the beta cost money?
    No, except for the new purchasable campaign coming soon. However, if you buy the new campaign in the beta, you will own it for the full release. You can also ask for a refund for the new campaign at any time. You do not have to buy the new campaign as a beta tester.

    Will this destroy my phone?
    No! However, there will be some bugs and the game may crash.

    Will I lose my save games?
    Probably. If you don’t want to lose your progress, then you may want to steer clear for now.

    -Aircraft can only be used in the first sandbox map right now

    Coming up..
    -New campaign
    -German bomber Aircraft
    -Aircraft available in more sandbox maps
    -AI to use planes
    -Fix in-game player prompts
    -Ambient Sounds button unresponsive…fixed
    -General bug fixes

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    • This topic was modified 1 month ago by Kris Kris.

    New beta version released (version 4)! Credits button now works. Beta thread button now directs you to this page. Some more UI changes.

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